Okay, so testing. This is the beginning of my first blog vlog thing on otter. So I’m just going to see how it works. I want to see how it sounds. I want to see how I can upload this on to my website. I’m also considering using this to upload podcasts. So right now, if you can see me I’m using my phone on front view camera to record myself as I hold the microphone and look at the screen to where I can see what the it’s transcribing as I hold the microphone and then I’m just speaking into a microphone and seeing what it’s saying. So I’m going to post this as a blog post and then I’m going to post it both with the written and with the audio. And I want to see how it sounds, whatever. You know, it’s testing I’m testing I’m testing for my blog, or my podcast. And so if I can I’m also going to try and upload this on to my podcast service to see how easy it is to do that. So after all that is said and done, then it was just going to have to be doing the same process over and over. And building a following and building. You know, building my business build building a company around that. So this really exciting. One of the things that I’m going to work on is being more consistent because over time I’ve been working on this since 2019. So now it is the end of 2022. And there’s a lot of different things have been happening in my life. I started a business I closed a business. I started an online business then I realized you know I didn’t have the personal development skills that I needed in order to be successful online. You know, that really does entail a lot of self discovery. And so when I did dig into that self discovery, you know, there was a lot of skeletons in my closet a lot of things that I hadn’t put attention to and, you know, I’ve put a lot of attention into that now and I feel like I’m in a better place and you know, moving forward, I’m ready to pour into other people’s cups because I found what works for me and what fills my cup so anyways, now that I have this taken care of today, I want to say it was a pretty good day I went to the gym or worked out. I was able to hang out with my daughter and my girl and my baby that’s on the way and I was able to make some breakfast I was able to make some lunch. And I was also able to go to the coffee shop and have a call with a client. Being able to work on my website, things like that. I know, logistically or financially it’s those are things that don’t make money now but having that foundation built and getting it all set up for the long run. It’s going to pay off so this is the last thing on my to do list for today before I go and hang out with my family for the rest of the afternoon. Which is just basically saying what it’s going to take to be able to first hear the sound like a sound check for the video recording. Alright, literally I’m holding the microphone as it’s connected to my computer via USB. I’m in my car, have the heater going. It’s idling, you know, so I want to see how the echo sounds because if I don’t even want to hear this, then I don’t expect anybody else to want to hear this. So regardless of how solid the gyms are, or you know the information how good the information is, I know that if it doesn’t sound appealing, I won’t listen to it just because I’m a big music head and things have to sound right. So we’re going to sound a sound check this I’m also testing the software that I’m using to transcribe everything that I say so I’m gonna I’m seeing how well it works so far. It’s working really well. I’m really happy with the way it’s going or coming up in about five minutes. So I’m gonna go ahead and cut this off. I’m not going to bore anybody with all of this I’m gonna say needless information because this is part of the growth right? It’s a personal development blog. This is me growing. Personally, I’m growing some skills. Also have the video going. And so I’m gonna go ahead and use that as well to create content for social media. I don’t even have to use the audio. I’ve got about five minutes of just raw video that I can use and I can also check and see if this software that I’m using to transcribe will transcribe it as well. So if I can skip a step and just record it straight from my phone, if I can record everything from my phone, audio, text and video and have it sound the way I want and have it be a representation of what I want my brand to be, then there’s really no excuse and that’s really scary. And it’s really exciting. fear and excitement are both displayed the same way and in the body. And when I learned that, it was very powerful for me because I would always say things scare me. But now I reframe that. And I say that things excite me. So I’m excited to get this started. I’m excited to be more consistent with it. I’m excited to help people. And I’m excited to be able to share my thoughts to the world and hopefully you know, help a person or two you know, that’s all that really matters as long as it can help at least one person then this will all be worth it. Anyways, with that being said, thank you very much. If you did read this if you did listen to it. If you did watch it. Please let me know your thoughts, Right. No harm, no foul. nothing’s off the table. I’m not going to get butthurt just let me know. What did you think what can I improve? what did you like? and I’ll see you guys on the next one, and hopefully, well not hopefully you will, through the repetitions, we will see growth. Okay, so, anyways. Live long and prosper, see on the next one.


The podcast episode worked here’s the link.

Gorilla Talk Ep. 007

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