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Learn how to live a high performance lifestyle.

Live training Dates:

Coming Soon!

What is a high performance lifestyle?

Why is a high performance lifestyle important?

What do you need in order to start having a high performance lifestyle?

Where should I start?

Join the S. S. Performance community on discord. You get free access to weekly live training , free resources,and a community of like minded parents and professionals striving for financial freedom.

What You’ll Learn:

– How to stop brain fog
– How to not crash midday
– How to be more present

Giovanni Lara
Coach at Silverback Strength

I’m a Strength & Performance Coach specializing in lifestyle, strength and nutrition coaching. I aim to provide the most up to date information and guidance to help create lifelong change. My passion is learning about health, fitness and what it takes to achieve peak performance.

I’m based in California and currently work as a hybrid Coach. My training facility is located in Sacramento and developed an app for my clients online.


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