Is it just me or are mornings a rough start after a rough nights sleep?

For those that know me, know that I have my babies at home a toddler and a 3 month old.

So needless to say sleep has been shaky for a few years now.

I never realized how much of a toll it took on me until I learned the importance of sleep and how it affects our body but more importantly our mind.

Once I learned that sleep controls the quality of our decisions, recovery after activity, and even how we break down fat and the effect it has on the metabolism I was sold.

The solution was simple, prioritize sleep.

I learned I needed 7-9 hours of good sleep in order to establish a solid circadian rhythm. This is when our body learns your habits and adjust in order to give you the best results possible.

It’s an simple fix that cost no money and has infinite amounts of return.

I just need to prioritize sleep.

Easier said then done.

What about dinner, prepping for the next day, showering, working out, connecting with the family, and not to mention all the other chores.

How am I supposed to run a business, sustain a healthy lifestyle and raise a family and still prioritize sleep?

This question led me on a road to discovery, I needed to learn how to win my morning. Grogginess was at an all time high and I didn’t have the time to reboot every morning from a cold start.

I learned that I was experiencing mental fatigue.

I learned that I had a habit of having an all or nothing type of mindset.

I learned that the 2-3 extra hours of work I put in at night was actually hurting me rather than helping me.

I learned that as the responsibilities add up, they take a significant of load on the brain causing us to fall off or burn out.

I learned that prioritizing sleep actually meant to become more self aware.

Take time to really understand why it is you do what you do, and ask yourself if it’s in alignment with your values and who it is you see yourself as.

I learned how long it took me to replace a habit and replace it with another.

I learned that this is going to be an everyday battle and I have to choose everyday to beat grogginess by getting to sleep on time.

It requires me to be on point all day because I have a deadline daily. My 1 goal is to get to sleep on time so that I can perform to the best of my ability the next day.

Doing this has lead me to making better food choices and having some of the best workouts, but not only that I found that I am also happier over all. My mood is better and I show up better for others and it allows me to serve to the best of my ability.

This is my reminder to myself as to why I need to continue to prioritize sleep because it allows me to be a better father, athlete, and coach. Choose sleep over any other distraction, if you run out of day reasses and see what you can delegate and what isn’t serving you.

Do things that move the needle forward and watch your dreams manifest.

Matcha iced tea from Peet’s coffee. Barista recommended, so glad I agreed to try it! 👌