Post workout endorphins pumpin 🎯

Start the day with intention

End the day with intention

Stay present in the task in front of you

Don’t worry about the million other things on the todo list.

Just focus on the present

This has been the most rewarding skill I’ve ever had to learn.

It’s brought me the most amount of self awareness.

It’s taught me the importance of positive self talk.

It’s taught me the importance of making a plan.

It’s taught me to slow down in order to speed up.

It’s taught me to trust myself.

Trust the process.

It’s taught me discipline and held me accountable for acknowledging what I need to work on in order to grow.

Your intentions become your purpose.

You don’t have to find it, just become aware of your actions and aim to understand why you do it.

If you have any questions or need some help check out my discord server

Todays workout

Chest, triceps, shoulders, abs

10 min- stair master warm up

3×12- hammer strength shoulder press (isolation)

60 sec rest

3×10- barbell bench press @ 165 lbs

2 min rest

3×12- cable rope tricep extension

60 sec rest

3×12- cable rope face pull

60 sec rest

3×12- incline dumbbell fly @ 30 lbs

60 sec rest

Superset 3×20

Push-up x lying straight leg raise

Total completion time- 65 mins

Try it out and lmk what you think.


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