I have to hold myself to high standards.

I have to build a community that will keep me accountable.

I have to reevaluate how I am showing up in the world.

I need to build some clarity.

Get back to writing in my journal daily.

Learn consistency.

Set the standard, stay consistent and hold yourself accountable.

Live within your values.

Integrity is important.

Integrity means when you say your going to do something, you do it.

Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Do the hard work.

Be Honest.

Be Kind.

Hold yourself accountable, don’t allow yourself to lower your standards just because you are to tired to do the work.

Practice daily, not everyday is going to be perfect.

Today I had to improve my attitude.

I had to address the energy around me.

I had to take action.

Today’s session with my personal development coach was right on point.

I have to hold myself to do the things I need to do no matter how I fell.

I have to learn to live up to my expectation.

My expectations should be in alignment with my values.

Be present so that you can notice where you need to improve.

I lived within my integrity today.

I also learned where I can get better.

I am improving each and everyday.

Remember to be present and mind your thoughts.

Now go and crush it today.

Everyday is a great day to grow!