This week is already starting off better than the last.

My girl got the green light from our midwife on Friday so now it’s time to shift into a higher gear.

The best thing I’ve learned in my fitness journey so far is the importance of having a plan.

But not only that. It’s taking action so on the plan.

Doing the work everyday no matter how boring you think it is.

It’s about finding the fuel behind the struggle.

It’s about learning to love overcoming challenges.

And most importantly, it’s about learning how to measure time.

Time awareness is vital.

Almost as important as keeping the promises you make to yourself.

I signed up to help out at a powerlifting meet in October.

It’s the USAPL Championship!!

I’m excited to be back on the platform in some way or another since I’m not planing on competing until 2025.

This is my preseason.

And I’m fuckin pumped.

2025 is all I keep envisioning in my head.

Ima make it happen.

This is my last set of 85kg/187lbs for a 5×5