You have to be able to see where it is you’re going if you ever want to get there.

It’s about creating the map.

It’s about building a life that you’re eager to live and dropping the one that you dread.

Build the skills needed in order to create the vision that you see.

The life you’ve always wanted is not as far as you think.

What happens after the vision is what matters the most.

You have to take action.

Look in the mirror and come to terms with the reflection coming back at you.

How you treat that moment is what needs to change.

Empower yourself.

Build skills.

Use those skills to serve others.

Believe in yourself.

Create space for setbacks & create systems in case shit hits the fan.

Believe in yourself!

Build a supportive community

Learn to use fear as fuel.

Control your emotions

It’s all mathematics.

I’ve created my vision, I am going through the dessert and I am creating my thoughts one day at a time.

You can’t tip toe around your dreams, go after them relentlessly and consistently.

Just strive to be 1% better everyday.