Harmonizing Family, Fitness, and Finance for the Entrepreneurial Parent

In the bustling life of an entrepreneurial parent, the trifecta of family, fitness, and finance often feels like a balancing act requiring the finesse of a tightrope walker. Yet, it’s this very balance that can lead to a fulfilling life, echoing the values and beliefs at the core of both parenting and business ownership. Today, […]

2024- Q1

Intro And just like that Q4 is over. I hope it brought you everything you set out to do. For me, it was revolutionary. At the beginning of Q4 I shared the Growthday App with you and shared a bit about how it has helped me. I am happy to tell you that due to […]

Understanding my why

The third quarter is coming to a close, and as I look back at my performance, I feel proud, humble, and grateful. Proud because I was able to face the difficulty with patience and grace. That’s huge growth for me since I’ve let my emotions get the best of me in the past. Humble because […]

Make each day a story

It’s not what you think. At least not what I think. No way can each day be a story book type of day. But this is where my mindset is fixed. I’ve been replaying this same story in my head. Not everything in life is going to be a fairy tale. After all their just […]

Moments of Service

Describe one of your favorite moments. My favorite moment happened just a few hours ago. I took my 2 year old to the gym for the first time. But not just any gym. It’s a kids gym! Where she was able to run, climb, crawl, jump, and climb. But most importantly, she was able to […]